In Mommys Bed – S2:E8

Joshua Lewis is struggling with his math homework. His dad isn’t home since he works the night shift, but his stepmom Kenzie Love is. When Joshua knocks on the bedroom door to see if Kenzie can help him, she tells him he can come in. Kenzie is already in bed wearing a nightie that’s way too sexy for her stepson to see. Patting the bed beside her, Kenzie invites Joshua to join her. She helps Joshua with his homework and ignores him as he pops a boner from the way her tits keep popping out of her skimpy nightgown near his face.The next night, with his dad on night shift again, Joshua returns to his stepmom’s bedroom to find her dressed in a sexy getup once again. He tries to get her help with the same problem that Kenzie assisted with last night. This time he’s got an obvious boner right away, which just adds to Kenzie’s suspicion. When Kenzie calls Joshua on all of this, he claims he’s here because the bed is big and comfortable and Kenzie is warm. He feels safe there. As Kenzie nods her acceptance of that, her boobs accidentally fall out of her nightie. Joshua can’t tear his eyes away, which confirms Kenzie’s belief about why he’s really here. That’s okay; she has needs, too. Telling her stepson that it’s a safe place, Kenzie encourages Joshua to touch her titties.Kenzie initially offers to let Joshua kiss while she gives him a handie, but stroking the cock makes her too hot to stop there. They move on to some mutual masturbation that only makes Kenzie’s defenses even weaker. When Kenzie agrees to a BJ for ten seconds, she then lets Joshua lick her twat for ten seconds. Once that tongue gets going, Kenzie knows she just needs to get fucked. Joshua initially takes her on her back with her thighs spread nice and wide to accommodate him. Then Kenzie gets on her knees while her stepson pounds her from behind in doggy. Riding Joshua’s dick in reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl finally leaves Kenzie fully satisfied. She helps Joshua get the rest of the way there by blowing his dick until he rewards her with a big load to play with and enjoy. Just then, Joshua’s dad calls which causes Kenzie to kick her stepson out of the room.